A serene camping spot on our MacFarlane River

So, why head into the great white north?

Where to start? As avid wilderness tripping brothers since 1977, the main attraction for these types of trips has been the sense of adventure and realization that wilderness areas are shrinking at an alarming rate in our lifetime alone.

It is shocking to see how many of the remote rivers we paddled in our earlier years, today are easily accessible by road. We continue to try and find rivers that are untouched, some with little to no evidence of humans. It’s a search that takes us far up into the north.

Once on the river, we abandon our watches and try to get in tune with nature. The likelihood of seeing anyone else on a trip like ours is slim to none. This was the case on our most recent trip on the MacFarlane River.

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25 Aug 2016 7


With a nice big chunk of time off work, we had a lot of options in terms of where to cycle. Originally having booked a trip to cycle in Tibet and Nepal, our plans changed as the border was closed during our trip dates. A quick alternative came up (through RedSpokes tours who we had booked our original trip with) to cycle the Karakoram Highway (starting in Pakistan and travelling through China ending in Kyrgyzstan). » Continue Reading

9 Oct 2015 14

Top of the Lincoln Gap – steepest section of paved road I’ve ever done.

When planning our weeks together in Boston, Chris convinced me that we should do the Vermont Gran Fondo. At the time when he described how hard the “gaps” (passes) were I didn’t think it seemed so tough – little did I know what we had in store…
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30 Jun 2015 2

Photo cred to Dr. Hahn

With a few weeks left on the East coast, Chris and I took a little plane ride up to Bar Harbor in Maine. Bar Harbor is a great island (most of which is a national park). With our fingers crossed for good weather, we planned our weekend around exploring on our bikes.


Too tall for the plane 😉

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10 Jun 2015 2


As a wrap up to my time in London, I spent my last weekend in Europe touring around the Florence and Lucca areas in Italy. What a treat. The weather was perfect and the scenery spectacular. What a great end to my London adventure…

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25 May 2015 0


Initially hoping to connect with our friends Charlotte and Adrian who were also planning on skiing in the area, Dad and I based our trip starting in an area near the city of Bolzano, Italy. As we drove up from Milan, we were really worried about the lack of snow (which had also driven Charlotte and Adrian north into Austria to chase good snow conditions). Having already booked accommodations in the tiny village of San Genesio near Bolzano, we decided to at least try skiing there for a day. » Continue Reading

15 Mar 2015 14

Photo cred goes to my personal photographer: Chris Hahn

With Chris planning a trip over to visit me on this side of the pond, we were trying to decide whether to do another ski trip (contemplating Norway)…but after the conditions in Maine over the New Year, we opted to try and get some sun instead and booked a trip to visit the Canary Islands, spending a week cycling on Tenerife.

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21 Feb 2015 4

photos courtesy of the talented Chris Hahn

With a chance to spend some time together over New Years, Chris and I opted to try out a ski trip on a trail system near Portland Maine. The Maine Huts & Trails is a great little network (45 miles) of trails connecting a series of environmentally friendly huts.  Unfortunately given warm conditions the previous week, the trails were a frozen mess that meant a bit more of an adventure than we anticipated…

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11 Jan 2015 2


With celebrating my birthday in London this year, I decided to take a little b-day weekend trip to Malaga Spain thanks to Airbnb and RyanAir being so inexpensive. One of the best parts of living in Europe is the absolute treat getting to jet off for a quick weekend away.

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12 Dec 2014 2


My Eastern States tour guide Chris chose Vermont as our locale for our fall cycling vacation. He also timed the vacation perfectly with the fall foliage. The colors were absolutely breathtaking. With leaves on the ground already and a chill in the air, the timing could not have been better.

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13 Oct 2014 4