Canadian Orienteering Federation

I was thrilled when I was invited to update the Canadian Orienteering Federation (COF) website. I didn’t know a lot about orienteering at the time, but I knew enough to recognize that this was going to be a great project!

COF provides leadership and resources to those involved in Canadian orienteering – from coaches, officials and volunteers to athletes and youth leaders.

A little about the project…

The existing COF site was static, meaning the people managing and updating the site needed to do so using html. This was challenging because the COF site was anything but static in terms of the content. There were continuous updates to be made, and with the site being managed by volunteers; this often created a bottle neck. The site had also grown substantially since the initial build of it, and was becoming difficult to navigate.

The goal

The main goals of the updated COF site were to create a scalable site in terms of content, improve the usability – by addressing the content structure (navigation), create a custom design that shows off some of the truly amazing orienteering environments, and move the site to a content management system (CMS) where they could easily update the site on a regular basis.

Here’s what we did

Based on the COF site needs, we addressed the content reorganization, as well as the scalability of the site. We chose WordPress to utilize the blog functionality that is offers. Several different sections of the COF site use the blog functionality, which makes for easy updates. For the design of the site, Atom Graphics worked with actual orienteering maps to customize the design of each page with a unique orienteering map. The design also shows off some of the amazing photos that COF has.

This fresh site gives COF the ability to update the site easily and quickly, and the site will grow along with the awareness of orienteering in Canada.
Check out the COF site, and give orienteering a try!

It was great working with Brooke and Atom Graphics. Brooke was well organized and kept the project moving along which can be a tricky task when working with volunteers. We are thrilled with the new website. We continue to get great feedback on the site and it is meeting our needs very well.

– Charlotte MacNaughton, Past President, Orienteering Canada

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