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Marilyn Taylor – Founder of Taylor Made Pilates (TMP) is a great athlete. She is a cyclist, a skier, a runner and a former national team rower. So there is no question that when it comes to Pilates, she means business. And she happens to be an amazing instructor in Romana’s Pilates with a splash of Stott Pilates too.

Marilyn has a great Pilates studio space and had a steady flow of business. But, the only way for people to really find out about TMP was through word of mouth. What Marilyn really needed to promote her business was a website supported by some other awareness initiatives.

Our goal for TMP was to create a site that would be easy for Marilyn to update herself and simple enough for people to find the information they are looking for.

We chose SquareSpace for its CMS capabilities. We worked on the content structure and the content itself together.

The result of Marilyn’s hard work is a great site that gives people a quick and easy way to learn more about Marilyn and her Pilates methods.

Brooke was able to identify that my small Pilates studio needed a professional looking website targeting people seeking Pilates, making it easy for them to find me. Knowing that I had a limited budget, she swiftly directed me to use Square Space, which allowed me to build and maintain my own website.  Brooke strategized with me to make sure the big picture for the website was clear.  It was up to me to implement our plan.  Our regular meetings allowed Brooke to keep me on course.  The whole process of building my website was streamlined, effective and very professional.

– Marilyn Taylor, Owner, Taylor Made Pilates

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