Shadow Lake Lodge

Shadow Lake

High Tea Anyone?

If you haven’t been up to Shadow Lake Lodge (19 km west of Banff on the Trans Canada Highway), you definitely have to try and get there this summer. It’s a 14 km hike or mountain bike on a marked trail (starting at the Red Earth Creek parking lot) up to the lodge. It’s not only a spectacular location, but they also happen to serve the most amazing high tea.  If you do decide to bring a group up for high tea, reserve in advance so they have time to prepare…and bring $15 for the snacks, or hope that you have nice friends :).

We opted to bike up on Sunday and enjoyed the gradual climb up the (mostly) dry trail to the end of the “bike friendly” section (about 2.5 kms from the lodge). We locked our bikes up there, and threw on our runners for the remaining short hike to the lodge.

Once we got to the lodge, we forced ourselves to venture up beyond the lodge and cabins to Shadow Lake itself (which was hard given the amazing baking we could smell).

We made our quick visit to the lake and zipped back down to the lodge so we could gobble up their amazing food. They had mini sandwiches, veggies, crackers, cheese, cookies, tarts, tea, lemonade…you get the hint. It was a feast. We practically rolled ourselves back down to our bikes.

The trip down to the parking lot is an absolute hoot…the trails are in great condition and you don’t realize how much you’ve climbed until you are back in the parking lot in no time…and probably wishing you were still at the top, eating the fresh baking.


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