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Last year, I collaborated with the leadership team at Entero, as well as with Sharon McIntyre on their marketing initiatives for the year.  We created a series of online, outdoor and print ads, updated their logo family, worked on their sponsorship opportunities, created a detailed brand guideline, and brought their updated look and feel to their web presence.

Calgary based Entero® delivers clarity and efficiency to the energy industry’s critical business functions through the Entero® ONE™ platform and Entero® MOSAIC™ evaluations software. They also happen to be a really great (and growing) team.

A little about the project…

Being that we had just recently updated the established Entero brand and sub brands, the website was ready for a makeover. The existing Entero site was static, meaning the people managing and updating the site needed to do so using html. With their ever growing team and strong market presence, we needed to create a site that would allow for multiple editors and the ability to provide up to date information on upcoming events, training sessions and functionality updates to the product. The site also needed a bit of a modernization, so we took that into consideration as well.

Here’s what we did

Starting with the existing site, we did an extensive rework of the site structure and content. We also incorporated a full redesign (courtesy of James Jensen at Atom Graphics). We also chose to move the site over to SquareSpace (thanks to the team at Cornerstone Technologies).

Having built the site with flexibility in mind, the Entero team now has a scalable site that meets their ever growing needs.

Even though this site was completed about a year ago, it goes to show the flexibility of platforms such as SquareSpace – enabling companies to expand their sites and to keep their information fresh!

Brooke did a fantastic job for Entero helping formulate and execute our marketing initiatives. It’s not often that you can find someone like Brooke with a creative mind that is also very effective at successfully executing to deadlines and tight budgets. Everyday Brooke brought her high energy and positive spirit to tackle the many challenges we sent her way. Some highlights and successes that Brooke led include; a complete revamp of our website, coordination and complete execution of a mixed media campaign of on line, print, outdoor and elevator ads, and a SAIT donation and scholarship program.

– Mike Lake, Executive VP Entero® MOSAIC™

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