2nd Annual Kootenay Krusher Mountain Bike Race

This year marked the 2nd annual Kootenay Krusher 50km mountain bike race at Nipika Mountain Resort. Being the supportive sister that I am…I decided to scoot out to Nipika to cheer Adrian on. Nipika also happens to be one of my favorite places, so it was a quick decision for me volunteer with my favorite crew.

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29 Sep 2011 0

Today Sean, Cam and I headed out on our longest mountain bike of the year (so far)…and we couldn’t have picked a better trail – thanks Darryl for the recommendation!

Sean - always the trendiest biker out there 😉

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19 Sep 2011 3

Carolyn and I headed down to Fernie this weekend for the 2nd annual Tears and Gears 10k trail run and 13k mountain bike race.

Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into!

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12 Sep 2011 2

On our way to Jasper for some mountain biking at the tail end of our Murtle Lake trip, we decided (well Dad coerced me) to stop and pick some blueberries in Valemount.

Now, I must say, usually I’m a bit of a huckleberry snob but with our lack of huckleberry finds this year, I agreed to pick some blueberries. I’m sure glad we did. They are super tasty and were really easy picking compared to our battle with the mosquitoes while picking huckleberries up by Murtle Lake. We easily picked a few gallons along the hillside of an old cut block.

Need I say more?

After our berry picking, we headed down into Valemount to the local Swiss Bakery. What a gem! The baker is a marathon runner and has all his bibs on one wall and all his medals on another wall. Too cute. It also happened to be absolutely packed, and after my chocolate and cherry strudel, I could understand why!


5 Sep 2011 3

After heading to the 2011 Penticton Ironman to cheer my cousin Dale on in his very first Ironman (congrats Dale on an amazing finish!!!), I zipped over to Blue River to meet Dad for a few days of paddling at Murtle Lake.

For those who aren’t familiar with Murtle Lake, it is absolutely amazing. There are only canoes and kayaks allowed on the 20km long lake which includes two “arms”. There is endless fishing, sandy beaches and a couple of good day hikes as well.

Our Murtle Lake campsite "Cottonwood"

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5 Sep 2011 2