Valemount Blueberries

On our way to Jasper for some mountain biking at the tail end of our Murtle Lake trip, we decided (well Dad coerced me) to stop and pick some blueberries in Valemount.

Now, I must say, usually I’m a bit of a huckleberry snob but with our lack of huckleberry finds this year, I agreed to pick some blueberries. I’m sure glad we did. They are super tasty and were really easy picking compared to our battle with the mosquitoes while picking huckleberries up by Murtle Lake. We easily picked a few gallons along the hillside of an old cut block.

Need I say more?

After our berry picking, we headed down into Valemount to the local Swiss Bakery. What a gem! The baker is a marathon runner and has all his bibs on one wall and all his medals on another wall. Too cute. It also happened to be absolutely packed, and after my chocolate and cherry strudel, I could understand why!


5 Sep 2011 3

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