Elbow Loop

Today Sean, Cam and I headed out on our longest mountain bike of the year (so far)…and we couldn’t have picked a better trail – thanks Darryl for the recommendation!

Sean - always the trendiest biker out there 😉

For those who aren’t familiar with the Elbow Loop, it is an amazing 43k (approx.) mountain bike starting at the Little Elbow Day-use area (off of highway 66 from Bragg Creek). The first 20ish kms are a gradual (and some short steep sections) on an old 4 wheeling trail. It’s not technical riding, but it is a long climb. I was glad that we started early as it was cool on the climbs.

Once you get to the top of the climb, its a cruisey downhill with a sharp left turn (you can miss it if you’re going too fast) onto the Big Elbow trail…which is a single track AWESOME ride for about another 12k. What a hoot!

Photo courtesy of the Sean/Brooke bike tripod 🙂

The Big Elbow trail opens up onto another old 4 wheeler trail where you can really boogie on back to the parking lot.

Cam struggled with some bike issues, but we still made great time and were back at the parking lot in about 4.5 hours.

Cam + Cam's bike = friends off (bike issue #12314 of the day)

What a day…I highly recommend this loop! But if you are planning on riding it this fall, bring lots of layers – there is already snow at the top!

P.s. you can do the route clockwise or counter clockwise, but we were glad we took the advice to go counter clockwise.

Happy camper.




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