Kootenay Krusher – Nipika Mountain Resort

2nd Annual Kootenay Krusher Mountain Bike Race

This year marked the 2nd annual Kootenay Krusher 50km mountain bike race at Nipika Mountain Resort. Being the supportive sister that I am…I decided to scoot out to Nipika to cheer Adrian on. Nipika also happens to be one of my favorite places, so it was a quick decision for me volunteer with my favorite crew.

If you’ve read my blog, you may know that I helped Nipika on their website update this year, and I try to get out there and enjoy the amazing views and trails that they have to offer as often as I can. If you aren’t familiar with Nipika…I promise you are missing out! Nipika is an amazing eco-resort located on the edge of Kootenay National Park (about 15 mins before Radium (turn left on Settlers Road) – if driving from Alberta on highway 93). Nipika consists of multiple cabins and is completely off the grid. It’s pet friendly, and I’m pretty sure they have about a 100% return rate :). With their 80+ kms of trails, there is endless cross country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and trail running to be had. Once you get there, let the exploring begin. Oh and the cabins happen to be outstanding, so there’s plenty of relaxation too! Ok ok, you get the hint…it’s amazing!

So, on to the race. the Kootenay Krusher is a 50k, 25k or 4k (for the little ‘uns) race. The biking is predominently single track and perfect for those who enjoy technical riding. This year, the route was modified from last year’s race – with more single track introduced. The 50km race consisted of 2 x 25km laps. Year two brought in over 120 participants, and they had perfect weather…not too warm and not too cool (from a spectator’s perspective anyway).

The first place 50k racer set a wicked fast pace and crossed the finish line at 3:01. There were lots of speedy riders and also lots of recreational riders too (more so in the 25k race).

Very official start line 😉

As with all the events at Nipika, it was a huge success. The race finished without a hitch…well besides a stubborn grizzly that seemed to want to participate in the festivities…but thanks to some great volunteers, they were able to reroute the racers to give the big guy some space.

Personally, I think the finish line at Nipika events trump those of all other races. What’s better than hanging around with good food, good people, cute dogs and ALWAYS amazing prizes! I can’t complain…I won a 2 night stay at Nipika! I’m already planning when to use it :).

Nipika celebrity - Rufus

Titan - another favorite Nipika fur ball

Congrats to all the racers…and huge congrats to my wicked fast bro who crossed the finish line for the 50k at 3:30 (top 20 overall). Way to go Adrian!

Adrian - getting ready for go time!

Ok, now go check out Nipika…and let me know what you think of it. Would love feedback on their site too!

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