Yamnuska views!

Yamnuska is always a favorite hike of mine. It is super convenient (half way between Calgary and Canmore) and is totally doable even when you feel like having a bit of a sleep in ;). It’s about a 4 hr round trip – depending on the break you take to check out the view from the summit.  There are also a few optional routes (up and back down the back side, up and backdown the front side, up and around the front – staying high above the scree shoots or scree skiing down the front :)), so you’re always running into fellow hikers.

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30 Oct 2011 0

Yesterday Kathryn, Darryl, Cam and I decided to do the Heart Mountain loop near Canmore. This is always a nice hike and you can do the loop, or up to the summit and back the same trail (makes for a shorter day).

Heart Mountain trail head

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23 Oct 2011 0

As some of you may know…the Root Romp is one of my favorite trail running races of the year.  In fact, I’d like to break it down in to the top 5 things I love about the Root Romp (hopefully enticing all of you to participate next year). So in no particular order…

1.) To start, I love Jasper and their amazing trail system

2.) But more than that, I love the laid back atmosphere and friendly racers that show up for this gruelling run.

This year Dad, Adrian, Carolyn, Shauna and I headed up to give it a go…

Dad's new sweater!

Root Romp festivities!

17 Oct 2011 2

Happy hikers 🙂

This past weekend Megan, Dan, Kerry, James and I headed out to hit up Ptarmigan Cirque, but once we got up to the parking lot at the top of the Highwood Pass, we discovered the trail was closed due to Grizzly bear activity. There seemed to be another trail open that lead from the parking lot, so we decided to head out and see where it took us.

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4 Oct 2011 2