Little Highwood Pass

Happy hikers 🙂

This past weekend Megan, Dan, Kerry, James and I headed out to hit up Ptarmigan Cirque, but once we got up to the parking lot at the top of the Highwood Pass, we discovered the trail was closed due to Grizzly bear activity. There seemed to be another trail open that lead from the parking lot, so we decided to head out and see where it took us.

James, Kerry, Moi, Dan, Megan

The hike ended up winding through a lovely valley of larch trees (which we had been hunting for when selecting our trail for the day) and ended up working its way through the Little Highwood Pass. After some yoga in the woods…

Standing Tree Pose

Dan holding an excellent Warrior 2

We traversed along the ridge and then scooted up to the summit for a quick bite. What an amazing view! The weather was just perfect for a lovely fall hike (layers needed). I highly recommend this hike. It’s approximately 3.5-4 hours round trip, depending on if you wind along the ridgeline at the top. Make sure you take a break to enjoy the views :).

Layered up at the top.

Megan and Dan!

Little people.

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