2011 Jasper Root Romp

As some of you may know…the Root Romp is one of my favorite trail running races of the year.  In fact, I’d like to break it down in to the top 5 things I love about the Root Romp (hopefully enticing all of you to participate next year). So in no particular order…

1.) To start, I love Jasper and their amazing trail system

2.) But more than that, I love the laid back atmosphere and friendly racers that show up for this gruelling run.

This year Dad, Adrian, Carolyn, Shauna and I headed up to give it a go…

Dad's new sweater!

Root Romp festivities!

The race conditions were perfect. With a 1pm start time, the weather was ideal for running…and still cool enough that the typically muddy sections were still fairly solid…making for fast running.

Carolyn's snazzy pink outfit

Shauna's strong finish

3.) I love that the race starts on a long climb and continues to climb and level off for about 8.5k with a fast descent and then a few nasty little climbs at the end (just in case you thought you still had energy left ;)) to the finish.

Super official start and finish line

4.) After the race, we headed to the hot tub, which was super rewarding…and leads in to what I also love about the race…the cute little banquet dinner they have after at the Astoria Hotel (Papa George’s Restaurant). They have tons of little prizes (you have to be there to win)…and if you’re lucky enough to get some bling (congrats Adrian, JJ and Carolyn)…you get to take home a great little bell to add to the medal collection :). Every year we meet great new people at the dinner and its a nice way to end the event.


Congrats to everyone who took part, and to speedy mcspeeder Reiner Thoni who set a new course record.

After the hard run yesterday, it felt great to bundle up and get out on my bike this morning and toodle around Lake Edith and Lake Annette…if you get a chance…this area is amazing to explore. In fact, if anyone has a house on one of the lakes that they’d like to give me…that would be totally fine…I’d be happy to take it off your hands :).


I also had the opportunity today to meet up with local Jasper photographer Ron Worobec. Check out his photos…they are seriously awesome.

5.) The last thing I love about the Root Romp is that it is one step closer to hanging up the ol’ running shoes and taking out the skis ;).
Happy fall exploring!
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