Heart Mountain

Yesterday Kathryn, Darryl, Cam and I decided to do the Heart Mountain loop near Canmore. This is always a nice hike and you can do the loop, or up to the summit and back the same trail (makes for a shorter day).

Heart Mountain trail head

Kathryn happened to bring her pup Guinness along for the hike as well. We knew there was a rock wall that we’d have to hoist him over, but figured it was doable with two strong men :). The rock wall is about 3/4 of the way to the top. By the time we got to it, Guinness knew what we had in mind and he was having none of it! We (Cam and Darryl) tried to lift him up, but he was not a happy camper, so we decided to try to reach the summit by travelling along the rockwall up some scree. It’s doable to make the summit this way, but not recommended. We decided after getting a ways up the scree that it probably wasn’t in our cards to get Guinness to the top and around the 4-5 hour loop…besides, it was snowy and cold (so made for an easier decision).

Guinness, Darryl, Cam, Moi

Needless to say Guinness slept the entire car ride back and decided we could all be friends again by the time we got back to Calgary :).

Guinness trying to go in for a smooch.

I suggest if you bring dogs on this hike, make sure you can lift them (and that they are happy being lifted) or bring some rope to hoist them! Once you get up over the rock wall, it’s pretty smooth sailing and great for four legged friends!

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