Yamnuska views!

Yamnuska is always a favorite hike of mine. It is super convenient (half way between Calgary and Canmore) and is totally doable even when you feel like having a bit of a sleep in ;). It’s about a 4 hr round trip – depending on the break you take to check out the view from the summit.  There are also a few optional routes (up and back down the back side, up and backdown the front side, up and around the front – staying high above the scree shoots or scree skiing down the front :)), so you’re always running into fellow hikers.

Brent and I were ho-ing and hum-ing between Heart Mountain and Yamnuska, but as soon as we got close and saw Yamnuska still was bare (no snow yet – crazy!), we opted for Yam. We decided to go up the back side and around the front on the way back.

What a beautiful day. We really lucked out – it was nothing but beautiful blue skies and fairly warm (considering we’re hiking at the end of October!).

There is a neat part in the hike where you actually use a cable to scale along the side of the mountain. I used to be terrified of this part, until one day a 10 year old whipped past me (obviously not one bit afraid of the contraption)…since then I pretend like it’s not a big deal at all for this kid ;).

Random people using cables.

It really cooled off when we got to the summit, so we were glad some previous hikers had built a little shelter at the top…it made for the perfect lunch time break (talk about a room with a view!).

Lunch break!

We didn’t stay at the summit long because we were really cooling off and the wind had picked up quite a bit. We scooted down the back side low enough to wrap around the front of the mountain. From there we stuck above the scree and we were back at the car in no time!

If this is the last hike I get to do this year, I’ll be a happy camper…it was just beautiful out there.


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