Happy holidays to you and yours! One of my favorite things to do when visiting my ‘rents in Drayton Valley (besides visiting, eating and a few competitive games of Scrabble of course) is skiing their nordic trails.

First ski this year with the birkie pack (12 lbs)

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28 Dec 2011 4

Cam and I chose to stick a little closer to home yesterday, so opted to ski the West Bragg Creek trails. We knew it was going to be a warm day so decided to get an early start before the snow melted :). There were a couple exposed grass sections, but with the bit of snow we got today, they should have the start to a good little base out there!

I always forget how great the West Bragg trails are for a “close to the city” escape…and for those of you who have a furry companion…they are welcome out there too!

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19 Dec 2011 0

After a great skate ski up at Moraine Lake Rd yesterday, I wasn’t sure I’d have the energy to keep up with those speeder Foothill Masters today….but with the prospect of my first ski of the year at my favorite classic skiing locale (Peter Lougheed Provincial Park), I knew I couldn’t turn it down :).

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11 Dec 2011 0