Come Ski Pembina Nordic!

Happy holidays to you and yours! One of my favorite things to do when visiting my ‘rents in Drayton Valley (besides visiting, eating and a few competitive games of Scrabble of course) is skiing their nordic trails.

First ski this year with the birkie pack (12 lbs)

Dad, Mark and several other members of Pembina Nordic maintain 13kms of pristine groomed and trackset trails. They are magnificent. The trails are perfect for those training for the Canadian Birkenbeiner…and with the lack of snow in Edmonton, the birkie organizers are even suggesting you take the 1 hour trek from Edmonton to check out the Pembina trails!

I was worried that we may not have snow to ski on, but there is a great base in Drayton and the trails are soooo quiet – you’re lucky if you see a handful of other skiers out there. There also happens to be a great fire pit and day lodge.

Pembina Nordic day lodge!

Dad and the Pembina Nordic fire pit

Trail maintenance crew after a gusty eve 🙂

Campbell Family Waxing Room

Wishing you health and wellness in the new year. Hope to see you on the trails in 2012!


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