On Sunday the Foothills Nordic Masters headed out to the Banff start of the Goat Creek trail (in hopes of skiing the 20k to Canmore and then back). Unfortunately, mother nature decided that wasn’t going to happen.

Good lookin' Foothills folks

It had been really windy the day before, and the trail was covered in pine needles. For those of you who are skiers, you’ll know that those little bugger needles are a fantastic means of removing any sort of kick wax…making for a pretty challenging ski.

We ended up crossing over to the far side of the river and worked on our double poling…for a few hours.

Great to make the most of the conditions with a group of fantastic skiers.


31 Jan 2012 0

About 17 of us headed out to Canmore on Friday eve for Friday Night Lights 2012 – Round 2! What a great gang of skate and classic skiers. We had a ton of fun (and even raced a bit – congrats Tony on your win :)) and then hit up the Iron Goat for good eats and drinks after. It’s definitely hard heading back to the city after an evening in the mountain with friends :).

Natasha, Kathryn, Moi et Shauna

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31 Jan 2012 2

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the loppet season than at a race at one of my favourite places ever…Nipika Mountain Resort. I just adore the team out at Nipika and am always excited for a chance to tear up their amazing trails ;).

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24 Jan 2012 7

For those of you who have been to my bloggidy blog before…you may have read about how much I love love love the mountain bike (followed by a short hike) up to Shadow Lake Lodge in the summer time. So, I was just tickled to read (on skihere.ca) a couple weeks ago that Parks track sets Red Earth Creek Trail (up to Shadow Lake Lodge) for classic skiing! Yippee.

This weekend was a great time to check out the 10kms of track set trails as there was plenty of fresh snow, good weather, and a willing partner in crime!

Warden's Cabin

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17 Jan 2012 1

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of skiing with a group of very fast boys. Darryl (who just skied 100kms last weekend to raise awareness for MitoCanada – please check it out), Yuri (my favorite Russian) and Brendan. We decided last minute to head out in search of classic ski trails in great shape, and found them in Lake Louise.

Start line - Chateau Lake Louise

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8 Jan 2012 0

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first “Friday Night Lights” of 2012. What a great group.

19 of us met at the Canmore Nordic Center and skied our little hearts out on the 6.5k of lit trails. We finished the evening at the always fantastic Aroma Mexican Restaurant for some well earned eats. What a perfect Friday evening with friends.

Getting ready to ski!

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8 Jan 2012 4

I don’t think there could be a better way to end 2011 and welcome 2012 than with great company, good food, beautiful weather and some exploring in Jasper. On New Year’s Eve I convinced back country skier Ron to throw on some skinny skis  and we opted to head up to Summit Lakes.  The skier trackset trail (approx 8km round trip) was very busy and it was great to see so many people enjoying the outdoors leading into the new year.  It got a bit cool on the way back down, but it was well worth it! Ron got some great pics – check out the views!

Photo courtesy of www.chrontography.com

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3 Jan 2012 2