Red Earth Creek

For those of you who have been to my bloggidy blog before…you may have read about how much I love love love the mountain bike (followed by a short hike) up to Shadow Lake Lodge in the summer time. So, I was just tickled to read (on a couple weeks ago that Parks track sets Red Earth Creek Trail (up to Shadow Lake Lodge) for classic skiing! Yippee.

This weekend was a great time to check out the 10kms of track set trails as there was plenty of fresh snow, good weather, and a willing partner in crime!

Warden's Cabin

What a perfect day. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. It was about -5 and no wind at all. It was lovely to see so many people out enjoying the trails…and, let’s be honest, nothing beats a peanut butter sandwich before zipping back down to the parking lot :).

Ron...finally letting us stop for a lunch break 😉

Although Shadow Lake Lodge isn’t open until February 3rd (best high tea around – don’t forget to make a reservation though!), it’s still worth the jaunt up to the warden’s cabin, and if you’ve got some beefy baskets on your poles…past the cabin looks enticing too (heading up towards Egypt Lake). Note, the trail is only groomed for classic up to the warden’s cabin and is skier track set past that point.

Onwards and upwards to Egypt Lake

Someone else enjoying the snow 🙂

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