For the long weekend, I joined Shauna (Sweet Pea), Jaycee (Dragon), Kent (Gramps), Jocelyn (Trump), and Chris (Badger/Field Mouse) for a trip into Mt. Assiniboine (Naiset Huts). We opted to get flown in so that we’d have more time to tour around during the weekend, and boy was it worth it. The views on the flights in and out were magnificent.

Jaycee and Shauna all smiles on take off!

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21 Feb 2012 2

Well, that was the closest to a DNF I’ve ever been!

Weighing my pack post race. Soooo glad to be done!

Friday night I headed to the Strathcona Wilderness Centre where my ski club was crashing the night before the big race.  For those of you who haven’t been to the wilderness centre, it’s a really neat place. They have great trails and open up the facilities (similar to a hostel) for the birkie weekend It’s a great space to catch up, wax skis and eat good food (they have a large kitchen and eating area — great for potlucks). Long story short, I got EXTREMELY lost on the way :(…and it took me quite some time to get turned in the right direction. By the time I got to the wilderness centre, my wax technician was eager to get prepping my skis (thanks Dad!).

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13 Feb 2012 9

This past weekend a group of us surprised our dear friend Kendra (thanks to her hubby Jason) with a weekend in Kimberley.  Jason scored a great place right on the hill (hot tub goodness and all). It was fantastic. Good food (thanks Nadine and Deanna), good wine, great company, awesome 90’s music, and a sore stomach from so much laughing :).

Birthday girl and her fur baby Levi

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7 Feb 2012 3