Kimberley for Kendra!

This past weekend a group of us surprised our dear friend Kendra (thanks to her hubby Jason) with a weekend in Kimberley.  Jason scored a great place right on the hill (hot tub goodness and all). It was fantastic. Good food (thanks Nadine and Deanna), good wine, great company, awesome 90’s music, and a sore stomach from so much laughing :).

Birthday girl and her fur baby Levi

While all the other kids were finding the “bluebird” skies at the top of the ski hill, I discovered the Kimberley Nordic Club cross country ski trails. What a treat.  The trails were fast and fun. Lots of options from hilly climbs like “Cardiac Arrest” and “Defibrillator” to single track flats for fun double poling, like “Roy’s Cut”. It was amazing. They also have a great little day lodge with free coffee, tea and hot chocolate…how lovely.

Erin, Kendra and I

Hot tub + 90's music...need I say more?

Amazing eats after our ski day!

Wet doggy!

Fun single track

Mmmm breakfast

Fast girls 🙂

Myself and the birthday girl!

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