Mt. Assiniboine

For the long weekend, I joined Shauna (Sweet Pea), Jaycee (Dragon), Kent (Gramps), Jocelyn (Trump), and Chris (Badger/Field Mouse) for a trip into Mt. Assiniboine (Naiset Huts). We opted to get flown in so that we’d have more time to tour around during the weekend, and boy was it worth it. The views on the flights in and out were magnificent.

Jaycee and Shauna all smiles on take off!

Fresh off the helicopter

We were surprised to find out (as we were dropped off) that the lodge and huts had been closed for the winter…so there we were in waist deep snow while we waited for a second flight to bring in our ski gear…it was pretty comical trying to get acquainted with our new surroundings :). The lack of visitors prior to us meant we were making all new trails. It was tough work getting to that outhouse for the first few visits :).

Bye bye helicopter!

Shauna enjoying the fresh air

When we arrived on Friday, we quickly got settled in our “quaint” hut – Forget Me Not. It was pretty tight quarters so we made fast tracks and headed out for a lovely afternoon ski.

We were happy to discover there is a great cooking hut…so we spent most of our downtime there – playing games and eating good food (thanks Mom for the dehydrated chicken!). We definitely weren’t starving, or short on laughter or wine :).

Kent and Jaycee - Love them!

Shauna, Jocelyn and Chris...oh and Yatzee!

On Saturday, we headed down towards the Assiniboine Pass. It was a cool day and there were only a few people through the pass so there was plenty of fresh snow for us to play in.

Letting the fast kids break trail!

After warming up back at camp Saturday afternoon, a few of us headed up toward Wonder Pass and found a big down hill to play on. We only had light touring gear with us for the trip, so there were plenty of spills :).

Shauna and I heading back to the hut!

Trump and Field Mouse

On Sunday, we all headed up again towards Wonder Pass. It was quite cool at the top of the pass, but it was sure a blast heading back towards camp. Sweet Pea lost her water bottle on a wipeout, so three of us headed back out Sunday eve to track down the water bottle. We found it…as well as some awesome tree skiing. I’m pretty sure I looked like I was learning to ski with all that snow, but I had fun trying to keep up with the boys.

It was a really great weekend with a lovely group, and I can’t wait to head back up to Assiniboine, hopefully in the summer time as I’m sure the hiking is amazing!

View from cooking hut...what a good lookin' group

Thanks gang for a lot of great laughs. Looking forward to the next outting…

And as requested…helicopter pics

View from helicopter!

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