Well it may be the last classic ski of the year for me, and I couldn’t ask for a better end to the season. Sean, Henry, Adrian, Charlotte and myself headed out for an amazing ski at Pocaterra. We weren’t sure if the trails would be recently groomed, but Sean convinced us we should give it a try. I’m sure glad we did. As we pulled up, we could see the start of the trails and they were freshly track set. We felt spoiled.

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25 Mar 2012 3

Phew! We sure lucked out today…Brooke, Carolyn and myself headed up to Shadow Lake Lodge (one of my favorite locales) in hopes of hitting up their second to last weekend of “afternoon tea” before the lodge closes down until the summer months. When we got to the lodge though, we were surprised to see that folks were packing the place up for the season! Nooooo….

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19 Mar 2012 2

For those of you familiar with my blog, you’ll know that Nipika Mountain Eco-resort is one of my favourite places in the whole world. For those who are not familiar with Nipika, it is a magical place to recharge, ski up a storm (or trail run and mountain bike in the summer time), as well as enjoy some peace and quiet. Ths past weekend was no exception…

Little slice of Nipika Heaven (photo courtesy of http://www.chrontography.com/)

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15 Mar 2012 0

Every year I look forward to a day of pain at the Mooseheart Loppet in Edson. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good pain…but it hurts none the less. The Mooseheart Loppet is a 15km skate ski race that takes place at the Hornbeck ski trails just outside of Edson. The 15km race is extremely hilly (so for those of us who aren’t natural skate skiers, it means about an hour of hurt)….and this course slows down even the fastest of skiers. There is even a hill on the course called “the wall” and it literally stops you in your tracks.

Start line...let it snow!

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5 Mar 2012 1