I Heart the Mooseheart Loppet!

Every year I look forward to a day of pain at the Mooseheart Loppet in Edson. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good pain…but it hurts none the less. The Mooseheart Loppet is a 15km skate ski race that takes place at the Hornbeck ski trails just outside of Edson. The 15km race is extremely hilly (so for those of us who aren’t natural skate skiers, it means about an hour of hurt)….and this course slows down even the fastest of skiers. There is even a hill on the course called “the wall” and it literally stops you in your tracks.

Start line...let it snow!

Loppet decoration. Awesome.

Dad, Adrian and I have made it a little tradition to ski this race, and it’s always a treat to pretend like I can keep up with the boys (not even close ;)). The conditions were pretty tough slugging this year with a ton of fresh snow equating to very little glide. I was happy to just plod along and let others do the work breaking trail ;).

Go Adrian go!

The Mooseheart Loppet is a relatively small race, with some great folks and good prizes (everyone got a prize this year!). Also, you can’t really beat it, I mean who doesn’t want to eat a moose shaped cookie with a cinnamon heart? Soooo cute. Thanks to all the volunteers and congrats to all the fierce competitors!

Mmmmm...post race snack

P.S. On Sunday we skied the Pembina Nordic trails…I can’t get enough of them. The conditions were fantastic even with fresh snow. Must be the expert groomers they have (Dad especially)!

Campbell family playing in the snow 🙂

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