Shadow Lake Lodge – Close Call

Phew! We sure lucked out today…Brooke, Carolyn and myself headed up to Shadow Lake Lodge (one of my favorite locales) in hopes of hitting up their second to last weekend of “afternoon tea” before the lodge closes down until the summer months. When we got to the lodge though, we were surprised to see that folks were packing the place up for the season! Nooooo….

Fortunately, they took pity on us (we must have looked pretty hungry)…so they brought out some of the dishes that had already been put away, and boiled us some water for tea (talk about amazing customer service!). They also brought out a lovely selection of cookies. I think it’s safe to say we all felt a bit like cookie monster by the time we rolled ourselves back out onto the trails for the zippy ski down to the parking lot.

It’s too bad they are closed now until the summer months, because the trails are still in fantastic condition. If you do have a chance over the next few weeks, I’d suggest you pack your own afternoon tea and make your way up towards the lake (it’s groomed up to Shadow Lake), but is skier trackset for part of the way (on the narrower trail sections).

Carolyn and Brooke

Enjoy your last few skis of the season!

19 Mar 2012 2

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