Pocaterra – Corduroy Goodness

Well it may be the last classic ski of the year for me, and I couldn’t ask for a better end to the season. Sean, Henry, Adrian, Charlotte and myself headed out for an amazing ski at Pocaterra. We weren’t sure if the trails would be recently groomed, but Sean convinced us we should give it a try. I’m sure glad we did. As we pulled up, we could see the start of the trails and they were freshly track set. We felt spoiled.

Couple of ski bums

The Pocaterra trails are some of my favourite trails around, and it was really neat to see so many people enjoying them this late in the season.

Adrian and Charlotte

The trails were only track set to Packers, so we opted to turn around there as the snow was pretty deep past that point. We did some good climbing up after that and then zipped back to the parking lot.

My fav. ski companion - Sean


When I have a day of skiing like yesterday, I feel truly fortunate to have great company, access to the mountains and our health!

Get out there and enjoy it!

25 Mar 2012 3

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