Aussie Aussie Aussie, hoy hoy hoy! (Part 1 of 2)

Having spent the past week and a half with my awesome friends (and amazing hosts) Ann and Chris in Sydney, I have plenty of fun adventures to share. Here are some of the highlights from my trip to Australia (so far…).

Ann + Chris = awesome

Manly to the Spit

Fresh off the plane, Ann, Vanessa (yay to a new friend!), and I headed for a run in the rain called “Manly to the Spit”. This 15km trail run has some really great views of the water and a few good sets of stairs along the way…what a great way to kick off the trip.

Speedy ladies

Oh how I've missed running with Miss Ann

Hmmm...I didn't see any penguins

Exploring Sydney

On the second day of my visit, Ann treated me to a manicure, pedicure and high tea down town…we had a really great day exploring the city. During my stay, we also visited a number of great markets, with tons of fresh produce and great little finds…including miniature ponies…

Yay for the great parks in Sydney!

Leave it to me to find a miniature pony 🙂

Great North Walk through Lane Cove National Park

On the third day of my visit (which happened to be Anzac Day), Ann, Chris and I ran a small portion (about 14kms) of the Great North Walk through Lane Cove National Park…what scenic and challenging trails.


Keeping our eyes on the trail 🙂

Lawn bowling

Need I say more?

Yoga on the beach

I think this is probably a right of passage to visiting Sydney…but seriously, yoga on the beach was pretty amazing…not a bad view at all.

Bondi Beach Yoga

 Wentworth Falls (Blue Mountains)

Ann and I headed out (on a beautiful drive) to the Blue Mountains where we hiked Wentworth Falls. It was perfect weather and an amazing hike through some pretty neat terrain.

View from the top - Blue Mountains

Intense jungle ladder

Ann's "the sun is really bright" face

Hunter Valley Wine Tour and Gardens

Mmmm…the Hunter Valley sure has some amazing wineries…after perusing some of these (and sampling a tiny bit of wine), we also headed to the gardens (including the Story Book garden  – who knew that would be so much fun?)

Just reading with my new friend

Ann helping herself to some cake

Showing Ann the mastery of the cartwheel

Cycling – Sydney to Wollongong

This has 100% been the highlight of my visit to Sydney (thus far). Ann and I (poor Chris had to work) headed out from Sydney to cycle down the coast to Wollongong. It was a bit of  a trek to get out of the city (about 5 hours to be exact), luckily Ann did an excellent job navigating us and we made it out of the city to our ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena…by this time it was about 2pm, and we’d been on our bikes since 9am. We were in good spirits, but were not sure we would make it all the way to Wollongong (where we were suppose to stay at a hostel that night). Once we were off the ferry, we had an amazing ride through the national park. It was quite hilly terrain (to say the least), but was absolutely breath taking.

Once we made it to Otford (town along the way), we realized we would not make it to Wollongong in daylight so we hopped on a train and arrived at Wollongong after dark.

We headed back the next day and had an amazing ride along the ocean (including some sections where the highway is suspended over the ocean)…we also did tons of climbing and descending…we had an absolute hoot back to the city.

Cronulla to Bundeena Ferry

False advertising...there was no love ahead...just more hills 🙂

View from Wollongong

Along the coast - Wollongong

See way down there, at the far end?...Yep, we came from there!

On our way back from Wollongong

Soooo tired...trying to keep up with Ann 🙂

More to come…

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