Australia Awesomeness (Part 2 of 2)

The last few days with Ann and Chris in Australia were just as action packed as the first week and a half. We tried full moon orienteering, played tennis, went paddling, met up with Canadian friends for dinner, relaxed, swam, went on a harbour cruise,…oh and went for one of the most amazing trail runs I’ve ever done in my life…here are some pics and short stories from the remaining days of my time in Australia with my very dear friends…

Bye Bye Sydney Uni Pool

I soooo enjoyed my swims at the 50m outdoor pool at the university. If you’re in Sydney (and like to swim), its only $5 and well worth it…it’s definitely the nicest pool that I’ve ever swam in (by far)!

A little Canadian Visitย 

Cathy and Kyle are travelling this year (lucky kids!) and happened to be in Sydney at the same time as me (only 2 days of over lap), so we immediately planned a dinner together. It was great to hear all their travel tales.

Cathy, Kyle, Ann, Chris and I. Chris is just honing his fake sleeping skills ๐Ÿ˜‰

Royal National Park Coast Run

Ann and Chris rallied the troops (Vanessa and Tom) the Friday before I left for a great trail run along the ocean on the Royal National Park Coast Walk. It was absolutely stunning. There were some pretty sneaky roots (including the one that wanted to dance with me…and lead to a little face-plant ;)), but the scenery and the company made it all well worth the challenging trek.

The first half was quite a bit more technical (and shaded). The second half opened up and we were running right along the ocean (it was getting pretty warm midday for this Canadian girl). We weren’t in a rush, so we stopped to take lots of pictures, and hiked any hilly sections we felt like :). Check out the photos (although, even these pics don’t do the views justice).

Tom, Vanessa, myself and Ann

Looks fake right? It's not...this is a natural formation.

Ahhh so good to be done (waiting for the ferry)

Paddling Audley

The day before I left (with all three of us a “tad” sore from our 26k run the day before), we decided it might be a good idea to do some paddling :). We headed out of the city for a leisurely paddle up Kangaroo Creek.

Instead of renting kayaks or canoes, we decided a paddle boat was a good idea. It was pretty entertaining for the other paddlers around us to witness I’m sure.

More laughter than actual paddling chaperones

They were just so happy to be out of the boat...away from my singing ๐Ÿ™‚

Fresh off the boat, Chris teaching us the dubstep

Harbour Cruise

The Sydney harbour cruise was pretty good, but the BEST was how many laughs we had. My stomach hasn’t hurt like that in a long time…a great way to wrap up the trip.

Chris and his windblown ladies ๐Ÿ™‚



And just before they sent me on my way…we snuck in a quick game of tennis – on grass courts to boot! What a treat :).

Thanks again Ann and Chris. You were fantastic hosts. Miss you already…can’t wait to plan our next adventure…I think I might need a vacation first though, I’m exhausted ;).

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