Barebones Orienteering

This past weekend, Shauna, Cam, Erin and I opted to take part in the Barebones Orienteering weekend out in Canmore. For most of us, it was our first time orienteering. We started the weekend off with a beginners clinic put on by my very good friend Charlotte McNaughton. What a great instructor. We learned a lot and were ready for the sprint race Saturday morning…

Photo courtesy of Eric Kemp

Barebones Orienteering weekend offered a series of race distances (from sprint to long distance) and I have to say, it was very inviting for beginners. Being that we hadn’t orienteered before, we opted to enter as two teams (Cam and Erin on one and Shauna and I on the other). It ended up being a beautiful day and we were thrilled that our “sprint” race started at 10am (meaning we could sleep off some of the wine from Friday night).

Intro to orienteering handout and race course

Finish line (Photo courtesy of Eric Kemp)

Having not orienteered before, we weren’t really sure what we were in for…and there were some seriously fit folks at this race (it also happened to be a qualifier for the national team), but we had an absolute hoot, and people were very welcoming and helpful!

After talking to organizer (and good friend) Adrian Zissos, he suggested mapping out our route over the course map after the race so we could see where we may have lost time. I had to laugh thinking about this,  because I’m pretty sure it would have been difficult to follow our recreation of our route…we were all over the place ;)…but we had an amazing time (thanks teammate), learned a ton and I personally can’t wait to get out for more orienteering in Calgary (! or perhaps out at the Nordic Center in Canmore.

Erin, Cam, Shauna…what did you think?

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