Trek Dirt Series – Bragg Creek

I was super lucky to get to participate in the 2012 women’s only Trek Dirt Series in Bragg Creek (especially being that I was on the wait-list!). The Trek Dirt Series is a weekend of instructional mountain biking, lead by some seriously awesome females :). I was nervous when I signed up (being that I haven’t done a ton of mountain biking), but these folks could not create more of a welcoming environment for all levels of participants.

Kate and I, all bundled up!

The weather was really cool (about 5 degrees) and it was rainy…not at all ideal conditions for mountain biking in Bragg Creek, but fortunately, the morning “technical” skills sessions were awesome (umm, why yes, I can ride over a teeter totter now). The organizers broke us all up into smaller groups based on our skill levels. We learned tons. It was a lot to take in, but by our afternoon riding (Numa), I felt like I was way more confident than ever before…which seems crazy after just one morning of lessons.

Happy Mountain Biking Ladies!

The group that I joined (group C) was perfect. We were all around the same level and had an amazing time riding together. It was such an incredible and supportive group…I can’t wait to ride with them again :).

Group "C"

On Saturday evening (after getting home and warmed up), the camp offered a bike maintenance course at Calgary Cycle. With my brain full and my legs tired, I slept like a baby Saturday night, as I’m sure all the other camp participants did too!

Kate's fancy new hydrapack!

Sunday morning we headed back out to Bragg Creek to focus on the skills we wanted to further develop. I chose technical climbing (bring it on roots!) and wheel lifts. It was so rewarding to ride stuff Sunday afternoon (PrairieView) that I never would have even thought of riding before. It was great to watch everyone progress over the weekend.

Great weekend with Miss Kate!

This camp was female specific, but they have co-ed ones too…and everyone interested in improving their mountain bike skills (even if you have “mad” skills already), should consider signing up for a Trek Dirt Series camp. There are tons of camps coming up over the summer, and for those in and around Calgary, there is one in Canmore in August, so get your name on the waitlist!

Thanks to the coaches and organizers for an absolutely amazing weekend! I can’t wait to get back out on the trails to try out all my new skills!

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