Sinister 7 Brief “Race” Report

This weekend was the Sinister 7 Ultra trail race in Crowsnest Pass. Myself and Shauna joined the “Trail Sweepers” team for our first time running a leg of 7 phase race.

Bib...a bit too clean

Adrian and I getting Shauna pumped up!

Team Trail Sweepers (minus Lisa)

Shauna started the day off for us by running the 16km initial leg. She did excellent! She wasn’t even covered in mud…I’m sure she must have been hovering over those trails ;).

Proof that Shauna hovers on the trails...she was the cleanest runner out there

Unfortunately, our team was a bit of an injured unit and a hamstring injury prevented Wendy from completing leg 2, so the day didn’t go quite as we planned, but Lisa (originally scheduled to run leg 3) and I opted to run a portion of leg 4 just for “fun”. Now I use fun in loose quotes, because it was roasting out and it sucked the energy right out of me! We ended up only running about 15kms (I must admit, my motivation was not as high as if we were racing), but it was a great afternoon out on the trails with a great gal.

So even though we were disqualified and didn’t get to race our legs, it was great to get out and cheer on some super fit and brave people. Congrats to all the Sinister 7 racers…it was sure a hot one out there!!

Leg 2 and 3 transition area

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