Mt. Indefatigable

This weekend while camping with my besties Megan and Dan, we convinced Cam and our American friends Katie, Matt and Penny to join us for a hike up Mt. Indefatigable. The trail is no longer “maintained” due to high levels of Grizzly Bear activity, but with a group of our size and our fearless fur-ball leader Penny, we felt pretty safe.

The whole gang

We ended up lucking out with the weather. It ended up raining the rest of the camping trip, but the weather during the hike was perfect. We didn’t make it to the summit as there was plenty of snow higher up that we weren’t prepared for, but we made it pretty much to tree line, which meant we were in for some pretty amazing views.

What's this white stuff Miss Penny?


Megan and Dan

Penn State team during our lunch stop 🙂

Happy hiker

15 Jul 2012 0

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