Shadow Lake Lodge – I just can’t get enough

Every year…or a couple of times a year (3 times so far this year ;)), I try to get up to Shadow Lake Lodge. I just adore the place. They have the most fantastic “high tea” (all you can eat for $15), and the trail up to the lodge is accessible for all levels.

You can hike, bike, horseback (and ski in the winter) up to the lodge. If you do mountain bike, you do have to lock your bikes up with 2 kms to go (about 11kms is ride-able) and then you can hike the remainder (2kms) . We opted to bike up there today, and we had a great gang with us and the perfect weather!

Just a few minutes away from tasty treats...

Check out some of the pics from the day…

Shauna, Carolyn and I

Hike-a-biking over a fallen tree

Photographing the photographer

Admiring the views...

So welcoming

The cabins!

Mmmm tasty high tea!

After our mid day snack…we headed up to the lake itself. The views were magnificent, and a glacier happened to be breaking off on one of the nearby mountains, so made for a pretty awe-inspiring day.

I mean really...does it get better than this?

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