Mt. Robson Half Marathon

Last year this race sold out right away (being that it was free…and the inaugural race), so Dad and I were ready to register as soon as registration opened this year. We’ll definitely be doing the same next year…

The beautiful Mt. Robson

The race includes 12km, 21km and 46km (or as they call it a “full” full marathon) distances, so Dad and I opted to do the 21km race. It was amazing. The day could not have been better…blue skies, no wind, and about 25 degrees. It was cool to start which made the climb up to Kinney Lake perfect. For a 1/2 marathon up Mt. Robson, it’s actually not a difficult 1/2 marathon. The climbs are short and not very steep, and the trail is wide and not nearly as technical as a traditional trail run.

Dad and I

The views from the run were awe-inspiring as the trails wind along the river up and around Kinney Lake. It was impossible to not enjoy the day.

Dad and I started together, but out of the gate, Dad had far more energy than me. He took off and left me in his dust ;). Even though I didn’t have my best run, I was able to high five old friends, make new friends and chat with some lovely folks while enjoying the views.

View from the trail

Being that the race was an out and back, it made for a great atmosphere. Every single person would cheer on the people they passed and it was inspiring to say the least.

Huge thank you to the volunteers (including Mom who is always a fantastic supporter and volunteer). Thanks Mom.

I can’t wait to partake next year…the marathon perhaps? Dad…what do you think?

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