Spring Skiing = Tricky Conditions


Jason and I decided to attempt a late season ski up to Shadow Lake Lodge this weekend, but the conditions were not in our favor. We quickly realized that the trails were not in great shape. In hindsight, we probably should have checked the conditions in advance, as the trails probably had not been groomed in a couple of weeks and with warm weather this week, the trails were slick and washed out. We plugged along for about a kilometer before we decided to call it quits and move on to somewhere we knew would have more snow…Moraine Lake.

The conditions at Moraine Lake could not have been more different from the Red Earth Creek trail system up to Shadow Lake Lodge.  With warm weather and fresh snow at Moraine Lake, we slipped around for the first few kms. Once we were about 7kms in, the groomed trails ended and we had the opposite issues as we started sticking on the skier set tracks. It was a tough slug but the weather was beautiful and the trails were quiet.





All in all, another beautiful day on the trails with great company!

17 Mar 2013 0

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