Costa Rica

Shauna, Tara, Celine and I set off for a week of adventure down to Costa Rica and Panama. We found lots of sun, exploration and plenty of laughter.


We landed in San Jose late Saturday evening and had an early night in preparation for our 4:45am wake up call for our 6am bus to the little surf community of Puerto Viejo…well things didn’t work out quite as we had planned. Our hotel didn’t send our wake up call until 5:35am. We were in a mad rush to get out the door in about 5 minutes knowing that we had a 20 minute taxi ride to the bus station. Thanks to some speedy taxi driving…we reached the bus station with 5 minutes to spare only to find out that it was the wrong bus station!! Off in a new taxi we rushed to the right station, only to see our bus pulling around the corner! We had missed it. Luckily, we found a guy willing to chase the bus down and after an hour long drive through the country side, we caught it! What an adventure for the start of our trip!


Our wild bus chase


Phew – we made it!

We were thrilled to arrive in Puerto Viejo at our cute little cabins just on the outskirts of town. We took the day to relax at the beach and get settled in our new ‘home’.

Home away from home

Home away from home


While in Puerto Viejo we found some great restaurants including the Elena Brown restaurant (local cuisine), Jungle Love, Bread and Chocolate (breakfast eats),¬†Stashus con Fusion (Indian inspired) and Tara’s favorite the Puerto Viejo Bakery.

View from main street Puerto Viejo

View from main street Puerto Viejo


There are lots of little beaches right in (and outside of) Puerto Viejo so we maximized our ocean time. It was easy to do with the 30+ degree heat.


Tara and I’s happy feet

Beach and wine goodness

Beach and wine goodness




We also had a chance to explore nearby Manzanillo National Park where we applied Makeout Plant to our lips (no we didn’t get dolled up for the hike ;)), saw an ant eater, some big spiders and a walking tree!

Celine's new friend

Celine’s new friend

Walking tree

Walking tree

Where's Shauna

Where’s Shauna


Check out those lips!

Check out those lips!


Sweet pea guzzling fresh coconut water



We also discovered a great little yoga studio and enjoyed roof top yoga with a view of the beach.


Yoga Goodness

We were sad to leave Puerto Viejo but were excited for the next leg of our trip…Bocas Del Toro in Panama…

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