Win some, lose some, try and finish smiling :)


Pre-race goofing. p.s. how unimpressed does this girl look behind us? hehe

Ok so I don’t usually “win” races and I wouldn’t say I typically “lose” them either…but I definitely try and finish smiling. This weekend was the Nipika Crazy Soles 10k (and 25k for the dedicated folks) run. Always a favorite of mine, I was eager to run the amazing trails and thrilled that Ann was home to enjoy them with me!




Go time

It was definitely not my finest hour (and a bit ;)). You know those times when your mind and your legs are in sync (no not the boy band) and they are saying the same thing: “I’m tired, I don’t want to go faster”…well that’s exactly what my body was telling me. I took it easy on the run, enjoyed the trails and was just happy to finish smiling and to share the day with good friends.


Still smiling…success!


Need some inspiration? Watch these kids go!


Ann…always a great cheer squad


Sally and Ann Post race cool down – walk to the natural bridge


Ann resting after her top 10 finish!


Thanks again Nipika for another great race and thank you Ann and Sally for a great girls weekend :). Congrats on your fast legs Miss Ann!



Because I never get sick of this view…

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