Tofino Goodness

After leaving the ever sunny Salt Spring Island, Jenny and I headed up to Tofino for the last few days of our adventure together before Jenny and I would go our separate ways. Having mentioned our upcoming trip to a few friends, we had no shortage of recommendations for things to do while visiting Tofino. Fortunately, we extended our stay by an additional day but it could easily have been many days longer. Tofino is nothing short of amazing. As outdoor enthusiasts, we were very excited with all our options!


View from the top of Lone Cone hike.

We lucked out in finding fantastic last minute accommodations. We ended up staying at the Eco Lodge nestled in to the botanical gardens just outside of town. What a great little find. It is hostel like but very clean, spacious and includes free yoga and amazing home cooked breakfasts…not to mention free entry into the lovely botanical gardens.


On the first day, Jenny joined the Surf Sister gang to hit the waves and I opted to head for a short trail run along the Pacific Rim Trail. What a treat. The views were stunning and the trails were fun to run!


Pacific Rim Trail views

On our second day, we opted to hike the Lone Cone Trail on Meares Island. We heard mixed reviews of the trail in terms of duration, condition (we were told it could be quite muddy) and how challenging the route would be. We had a water taxi drop us off and we made our way up the trail. It’s quite well marked and was dry from all the sun Tofino had over the past couple of weeks. We made quick time and were up at the lookout in approximately 2 hours. It is a challenging hike though so I strongly recommend bringing water and being prepared for unhappy quads. The view from the top is awe inspiring. You can almost see the curvature of the earth ;)…or at least it feels like it :).






We were completely bagged after the hike but mustered enough energy the next day to walk along Long Beach, enjoy the views and play in the sand.




On our last evening in Tofino, we ventured out for some kayaking. It was definitely a highlight of the trip for me. The views were stunning, the water was calm and we had a great group. What a fantastic way to wrap up our time in Tofino.


Photos courtesy of Miss Delich




While visiting Tofino, we found some fantastic (recommended to us) restaurants including Sobo, Shelter and a favourite for both of us…Tacofino. You cannot beat the tuna taco at the eclectic Tacofino food truck.




Our last dinner on the island with special guest (and local for the summer) Becca.

Onwards to Vancouver from here…

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