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Continuing my Tour De BC, I spent a few days with relatives in Vancouver and Surrey. It was quite the change of scenery and pace from Salt Spring and Tofino but one thing was similar…I was still spoiled with blue skies which meant lots of time to play outside!

Staying with my Aunt Jerri in Surrey, we spent a great deal of time down by the water near Whiterock walking and running. We also had the chance to enjoy an outdoor art exhibit and experience tons of fresh seafood :).




Fish kite along the beach in Whiterock



Aunt Jerri’s famous seafood soup.


Festival of Arts

While in the Vancouver area, I also FINALLY had the chance to do the Grouse Grind. I’ve been wanting to do this stair climb for years but it’s never worked out. I was slightly under the weather so I headed out to the Grouse Grind with a backpack full of kleenex.  It was fun but a bit busy for this country mouse. I think I’d attempt it early morning next time to avoid the crowds :).





View from the gondola trip down 🙂

Aunt Jerri also escorted me out to Cultus Lake Provincial Park. We opted to do the short hike up to Teapot Hill Lookout which offers nice views of Cultus Lake and has a series of single track trails that lead off from the main trail that had me drooling. I didn’t attempt any but I think my next trip out, I’ll plan to run some of these amazing trails.


Cultus Lake from Teapot Hill Lookout


How could we NOT stop for icecream here 🙂

And what would a trip to Vancouver be without a jaunt around the seawall. I always enjoy seeing all the people out and about on the paths.



As much as I love the Vancouver area, I had to head off on the next leg of my journey…to Whistler!

Happy trails!

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