Just before heading off to Croatia, I’ve had a few days around Calgary. I was fortunate that Cam was able to take a flex day and we snuck out for a quick zip up Ha Ling. It’s been years since I last hiked Ha Ling and it was lovely to be out there during the week when it’s relatively quiet. We had great weather (as always, a bit windy at the summit) and it was a fantastic day in the sun with a good friend. » Continue Reading

29 Aug 2013 1

photo 10

Every year I try my best to make it up to Shadow Lake Lodge, so I was thrilled when Shauna mentioned it this summer. Lots of folks were busy but Shauna and I made the lovely trek up to the Lodge for high tea. We biked as far as we could and hiked in the remainder of the way. It’s always a treat getting up there in the summer time. Here are some highlights from the day. » Continue Reading

26 Aug 2013 2

Dad enjoying the trails.

After a few days of huckleberry picking, Dad and I headed to Kimberley for some mountain biking. We found plenty of fun single track trails to keep us entertained for a few hours.

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19 Aug 2013 2


Every year we try and find the illusive huckleberries. This year, our hunt took us to the Kimberley area. Now I can’t give away our exact picking locale…but it provided for a couple long days of hearty berry picking. The picking wasn’t easy but it was worth it! We ended up with about 11 gallons of berry goodness. » Continue Reading

19 Aug 2013 0


On Sunday, Sean and I went to explore some of the COP Eastland trails. I’ve rode there a few times but it’s a good reminder that there are fantastic trails that are really close by! We had a great time playing in the sun and tackling some bridges.

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12 Aug 2013 0

Shauna, Dad, Adrian and I. Happy Birthday Adrian!

For Adrian’s birthday, a group of us ran the 5 Peaks Fish Creek race. Some opted for the Sport distance (which ended up being about 9.5 kms) and a few of us opted for the Enduro course (16 kms). We originally thought the distances were shorter (i.e. I was thinking the 16 kms was going to be 12 kms) but the race organizers had to move the start/finish line in lieu of the impact of flooding in the area. » Continue Reading

12 Aug 2013 0

A few years ago, I worked with HopCreative to create a website for JS Daw & Associates. Jocelyne and her team have since developed a strong social media presence and have continue to define their brand direction and messaging. It was time for an update and to make the website responsive for mobile users.


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12 Aug 2013 0


On my way back to Alberta from Whistler, I stopped to bike/hike Mt Robson. I love Mt Robson, so any chance I get to hang out there makes me a very happy camper :). » Continue Reading

3 Aug 2013 0


I was so lucky to get to stay with locals Charlotte and Adrian for several days in Whistler. They have an amazing home and they are so welcoming. We had so much fun playing in and around Whistler. » Continue Reading

2 Aug 2013 0

Brandywine Falls

Adrian took me mountain biking on an amazing trail from Whistler out to Brandywine Falls called Sea to Sky. We started near the Nicklaus North Golf Course and made our way out to the falls. The trail was fantastic. Smooth, undulating and fast. We had an absolute blast. After the falls, we went back a slightly different route which crosses a bridge where they offer bungee jumping.

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2 Aug 2013 1