I Heart Whistler


I was so lucky to get to stay with locals Charlotte and Adrian for several days in Whistler. They have an amazing home and they are so welcoming. We had so much fun playing in and around Whistler.

I’ve written about some of the hikes we did including Musical Bumps and Black Tusk as well as the Sea to Sky biking but we did lots of other awesome things too including:

Paddling and Golf Ball Retrieval

Charlotte and Adrian live close to Green Lake so we headed out early one morning to go exploring around the nearby ghost town and also to do some golf ball retrieval. I had no idea how much fun that would be!!! It’s like guilt free fishing…plus we got almost 100 balls for Charlotte and Adrian to reuse so it’s good for the environment too. I see a new hobby in the making ;).



View from Charlotte and Adrian’s place


Ghost town explorations




Exploring Lost Lake

There are tons of great trails for running and biking around Whistler (check out River Runs Thru It trail) and Lost Lake has no shortage. We spent some time biking around there and I spent some time enjoying some relaxation at the beautiful Lost Lake.


Drawing by the lake




Bridge fun

Farmers Market

We also spent some time exploring the farmers market and found lots of tasty gems :).


Exploring Whistler

Whistler always seems to have something fun going on. We enjoyed live music over dinner, live music at the Olympic Plaza and some other fun events like Dock Dogs – which was pretty funny to watch. Some of the dogs definitely did NOT want to be a Dock Dog :).


Lots to see and do!


Dinner music



Could they be any cuter? Adrian and Charlotte shaking a tail feather.



Fantastic Eats

We made some tasty meals with our finds from the farmers market but we also had some great meals including sushi, Creekbread and on my way through Pemberton I stopped at the fantastic new Solfeggio Foods.


Scandinave Spa

What a treat. If you’re in Whistler, you should definitely check out this neat spa. I snuck in for a massage and to enjoy the hot/cold tubs. It was quiet and relaxing. You could easily whittle away several hours here :).


Don’t mind if I do

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