Berg Lake (Mount Robson)


On my way back to Alberta from Whistler, I stopped to bike/hike Mt Robson. I love Mt Robson, so any chance I get to hang out there makes me a very happy camper :).


I had a fairly late start to my outting after stopping at the always tasty Swiss Bakery in Valemount on my way ;).  I wasn’t sure how high up I’d be able to get to without leaving my return trip too late in the day. I biked up to the end of Kinney Lake and then ran/hiked up to Berg Lake.



Emperor Falls





The always beautiful Berg Lake

I was thrilled to make it up to Berg because it is so beautiful up there, however the horse flies were so bad I didn’t even stop to eat! I snapped some photos and headed back down – meeting some lovely folks along the way. That’s probably one of my favourite things about the trail up Mt Robson – the people you meet are so friendly. I also lucked out with gorgeous weather…which always makes it a lot of fun to zip back down to the parking lot.

On my next trip to Mt Robson, I need to leave more time to stay up at Berg Lake over night so I don’t have to rush back :).

I’m sad to not be around in September for the Mt Robson Marathon…what a beautiful run the half marathon was last year.

Enjoy the trails!

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