Mountain Biking Kimberley Style


Dad enjoying the trails.

After a few days of huckleberry picking, Dad and I headed to Kimberley for some mountain biking. We found plenty of fun single track trails to keep us entertained for a few hours.

Here are some trails I’d recommend for any cross country riders looking to explore some single track trails in the Kimberley area:

Lois Creek Trails

There aren’t a ton of trails in this area but there is a fun little single track called Blake’s Single Track. It’s worth a scoot out to the trail system.

Kimberley Nature Park

There are tons of fun little trails through the Kimberley Nature Park. I highly recommend riding “Suicide” and some of the other single track trails that weave back and forth over Upper Army and Lower Army Road.

It also helps when the trails have pretty good names too :).


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