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Dad had an idea from when we started planning our trip to Croatia that we should climb Biokovo Mountain on our bikes. I had no idea what we were in for, in fact, in the days leading up I started asking him more questions about this epic ride, especially as our legs were getting weary from over a week of big rides every day. His answers were always quite vague.


Biokovo is the second highest mountain range in Croatia and the highest on the Dalmatian coast. Its highest peak is Sveti Jure (Saint George), at 1762 meters.

To attempt Biokovo on bike, you definitely want a nice day. It’s a mountain and it is exposed and if there is lots of wind/rain/clouds down on the islands/main land…Biokovo will be getting that weather and then some. We had to miss the first day we wanted to attempt it because it was too socked in.

As we were staying in Sumartin on Brac island, we took the very early morning ferry and arrived in Makarska (the town closest to Biokovo) at 7:15am. We were on our way out of town towards Biokovo by 7:30am. Biokovo is about 12kms from Makarska and from there, you enter the park. You have to pay to go up the road to Biokovo and it’s about a 23km climb to the summit.


one of many serpentines

IMG_1631 The road to the summit is narrow. For vehicles to pass each other, theyhave to reverse until they get to a safe pass zone. There are also no shoulders and no fencing on most parts. It’s a tight squeeze for the tourist buses. It is relentless too. Switchback after switchback for kms. We passed through amazing terrain with spectacular views.


Dad says it best





One of my favorite photos from the trip.




IMG_4260 We felt pretty proud of ourselves as we had lots of people honking, giving us thumbs up and yelling “bravo” out their windows :). I highly recommend this climb to anyone cycling in the area.





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