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Family fun!

I’ve said this in previous blog posts about the Root Romp but I have to say it again. I LOVE THE ROOT ROMP. This year, Dad and I convinced cousin Lesley and her hubby Dale to run this fantastic off road 10k race with us and boy was it an adventure (especially for Dale).


The race itself is really casual (which adds to how much fun it is). This year the field was even smaller than usual (I’d guess there are usually about 75 runners) with only about 30-40 runners. It ended up being a beautiful day and the perfect temperature for a trail run. The trails were fairly solid too (they can tend to be a bit of a mud mess in some sections).

At the start of the race Dad and Dale took off and I didn’t see them again until the finish. My time wasn’t as fast as previous years but I had an absolute blast and fought off a couple of boys from passing me which is always fun :). For the most part, I was on my own enjoying the fall colors, amazing scenery and my last race in my 20’s!

Dad had a fantastic race and ended up in under an hour (it’s a really challenging course so that’s pretty impress and put him in the top 10) – not bad for someone in the “elder” category ;)…also, worst category name ever!



Winning! (2nd place)

Dale had quite the adventure…there is a section of the trail where you almost drop right into town. He missed the turn and ended up running into town vs back up the trail for the remaining 1.5k of climbs/descents. Poor guy…he’ll have to come back next year to try and catch Dad!

All in all it was a great day and I’m feeling so fortunate to have family to play in the mountains with.


Lesley – bringing it on home!



Cousin love

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