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Photos courtesy of miss Candace. Thanks Candace!!!

My friends Sean and Henry gathered a crew for the Foothills Nordic Masters Invitational Biathlon Race this past weekend. I highly recommend attending this next year if you’re looking to try out biathlon. It’s very well organized, fun prizes and they provide the guns/pellets, as well as over an hour of instruction for those who haven’t shot a gun before (like moi).    

2014-03-23 11.59.03

Henry – warming up!

This race wasn’t just for beginners, there were seasoned masters racers too – which was fun to watch. For us beginners, we were set up with instruction for how to shoot in “prone” (laying down) and also standing (which is way harder than I ever would have thought). We also learned how to load the guns and a bit about strategy too.

2014-03-23 13.02.18

Happy campers

Most of us entered the 8.75km race where you skied 2.5kms, shot , skied 2.5kms, shot , skied 1.25kms, shot, skied 1.25kms, shot and finished with a 1.25km ski. It’s quite different from cross country as you really do have to slow your breathing down vs rushing into the stadium. Every target you missed meant you had to ski an extra 100 meters. It was pretty comical seeing everyone skiing around the tight little circle that formed the 100 meter loop.


Cookie medals!!!

2014-03-23 14.31.20

Henry with his winnings 🙂

Loved getting out with a great group – trying something new. I doubt I’ll be hired as an assassin anytime soon though.

2014-03-23 14.09.22-1

Big Parka People

Enjoy these last few days of spring skiing!

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