750 Kms Skied!


This year, I was invited to join my dear friend Adrian (and some of his ski folks) to track our kms skied – each setting a target for the season. Dad joined in and set a target of 1,000 kms (completed this weekend – congrats Dad!!!). I started with a goal of 500 kms which I passed in January and reset to 750 kms. With work travel coming up, I knew this past weekend would be my last chance to complete my remaining 20 kms.


Heading out to Peter Lougheed Park, my friends Cathy and Nate helped me ring in my final kms! Sadly, about 4 kms in, I broke one of my poles and on top of that, the conditions were also quite tricky (with all three of us either sticking or sliding most of the way). It made for a tough slog to finish the remaining 16 kms, but we did it!

Our little group of distance tracking skiers are all super close to their goals (some have surpassed their goals) and our overall team goal as we near the end of the ski season. Adrian – thanks again for letting me tag long with your ski tracking. It definitely motivated me to get out on the trails more :).

Enjoy the last few days of spring skiing!

31 Mar 2014 8

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