Cycling in Richmond Park

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For my second weekend in London, I was thrilled to join my friend Brian in a ride to (and around) Richmond Park. Richmond Park is the largest of the eight Royal Parks and the biggest enclosed space in London.

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Early morning en route to Richmond Park

It was a bit of an adventure getting to Richmond Park as I had to pick up my rental bike the night before…Friday night during rush hour – and had to get it home, which meant riding it home! I was so nervous riding on the ‘wrong’ side of the road but after surviving that, the scoot over to Brian’s house on Saturday morning didn’t seem nearly as bad. We headed out from Brian’s house and across the river into the park.

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There are a couple really cool things about the park that make it a highlight for me. First of all, there are tons of deer…and different looking deer than we have in Canada. These deer have no predators so they are not nervous at all with the traffic of the cyclists and rare cars driving past. Secondly, it is too cool to see all the cyclists at Richmond Park. There were literally hundreds and they were all mingling at the local cafe after – sipping their lattes. It was a great vibe.

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The park consists of a paved loop (just under 7 miles with one good climb). It’s fun to ride the loop both ways for a bit of variety. I don’t ┬áthink you’d want to be tackling a 100+ km ride in the park though, as the loops might start to feel like a hamster wheel ;).

We also saw plenty of runners throughout the park on both paved and unpaved paths through the fields of deer.

Highly recommend the trek out to this cyclist mecca.

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