Seven Sisters Rambling

With a few months in London ahead of me, I thought it might be fun to post London highlights along the way…so here we go!

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I was very fortunate that before I had time even think about being homesick, my friend Jenny came to visit during my first weekend in London. Jenny had a few recommendations from friends to hike (or ramble as they call it in England) the Seven Sisters route from Eastbourne out to Seaford. We lucked out with great weather and the views were absolutely beautiful.

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The trail from Eastbourne to Seaford is approximately 22kms and is wide and well maintained. There are also plenty of shorter routes depending where you take the train or a bus to. It stays very close to the beautiful white bluffs and ocean along the route and looking the other direction, the countryside is vast and breathtaking.   This trail would be fantastic for running and I hope to head back when the weather permits to give it a shot :).

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One recommendation if you’re ending in Seaford and taking the train back like we did…be mindful that the restaurants and tourist information aren’t open on Sundays. We found out the hard way and had to take the train home on empty tummies ;).

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Thanks Jenny for a great first weekend in London!

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