Cycling Tenerife


Photo cred goes to my personal photographer: Chris Hahn

With Chris planning a trip over to visit me on this side of the pond, we were trying to decide whether to do another ski trip (contemplating Norway)…but after the conditions in Maine over the New Year, we opted to try and get some sun instead and booked a trip to visit the Canary Islands, spending a week cycling on Tenerife.


We were really hoping for some warm cycling but sadly (considering the islands are west of the Sahara), it was actually quite cool. Fortunately, we had some warm cycling gear and were able to pick up some extras at Bike Pointe where we rented our bikes from.


Up up up…


For this view at the top!

With neither of us having been on our bikes for a few months, the first couple rides were a bit “bumpy” (literally rough roads) but we were tickled to find very quiet winding roads through small villages. These secondary roads were also extremely hilly.   Every day we seemed to climb and climb and climb which provided us with some pretty awesome views and epic descents.



Taking a break from the saddle to stretch out the ol’ legs up above the clouds.

We were watching the weather the first couple days as we both really wanted to cycle up Mount Teide (volcano). Leaving early on our fourth day, we lucked out with perfect weather for our climb. It was chilly (about 4 degrees) but climbing meant we warmed up quickly and we definitely were fortunate with the timing as folks riding up later than us got stuck in some substantial rain and fog. We on the other hand had spectacular views and a fast/winding descent.


The ride up Teide.


At the top of Teide


Down through the fog.


Well earned beverage in a rare moment of sun.

On our last day on the island, we headed up north and fortunately for having a fantastic tour guide (Chris), we rode the most spectacular ride I’ve ever done). The road climbed up unbelievable serpentines with no traffic in sight. We wished we would have found this area earlier as it was jaw dropping and every cyclist’s dream. If you are heading to Tenerife, highly recommend staying and touring around the north end of the island as it was much less touristy and views are pretty awesome.


Until next time…happy playing




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